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Manufacturer of High Quality Forgings and Finished Machined Parts

KimberMills International are a UK based manufacturer of high quality forgings and finished machined parts.

Company History

  • 1919; Mills Forgings established
  • 1946; Kimber Drop forgings established.
  • 2001; Mills and Kimber merged.
  • 2004; Acquired Forge Tech Industries (formally Harris Lifting & HF Shaw) Main products - petro-chemical & heavy axle.
  • 2005; Formed partnership in eastern Europe – extending our range of sizes.
  • 2006; Formed partnership in Asia – competitive on high volume consumables

Kimber Mills today

  • Production facilities in UK, Poland and India.
  • Capabilities to produce a wide product range – both high and low volume demands.
  • Expertise in numerous industry sectors globally.
  • Exports to Europe, Asia, North America and Middle East account for 60% of business.


KIMBERMILLS and its association of companies are proud of a long history providing a service of quality to their wide and varied customer base.

All our manufacturing sites have embraced modern techniques to ensure an ever-evolving quality management system that fits the requirements our customer's.

We work closely with our accreditation providers; our associated companies currently hold the following certification.

United Kingdom;
MPI ASME trained operatives.


Over the years the forging process has remained constant. However, through the advances in manufacturing techniques used in the production of tooling and the use of technology that enables the prediction of metal flow and optimal material usage, the process and results that can be achieved have been vastly improved.

KimberMills have in-house CAD/CAM facilities, which greatly enhance the accuracy and repeatability of dies, together with an improved speed of manufacture. This gives us increased flexibility and reduces the cost and lead time for the delivery of the finished product.

The use of simulation software, using finite element analysis, gives predictions of grain flow, defects, optimal temperatures, die stress analysis and die-wear.

To find out more, please get in touch at [email protected], +44(0) 2476 224985 OR +44(0) 1384 414500.

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Services Kimber Mills International Provide



At Kimber Mills we produce and supply a wide range of body forgings . These are available in a variety of materials , manufactured to your design and specification and can be supplied as blanks or fully machined.


At KimberMills we produce and supply a wide range of brackets. These are available in a variety of materials, manufactured to your design and specification.


A variety of chain parts are manufactured and supplied: These include standard links and pins in addition to the specials that are required by some of our customers.

Cutting Tools

Mainly produced for the mining, construction and tunnelling industries. A full range of tools and holders are available to fit most cutter heads. Picks can be provided as blanks or fully finished and packed to your requirements.


At KimberMills we produce hubs in a variety of materials. These are utilised in many applications and industries including: Motor Sport, Commercial Vehicles & Trailers.


KimberMills manufacture a range of nuts many of which are bespoke. Used in such diverse industries as MotorSport and Petro-Chem these parts are made to exacting standards and can be fully certified.


Forged pinions and shafts are a cost effective design which allows considerable saving in raw materials whilst adding strength to the product through improved grain flow.

Pipe Fittings

Pipe clamps and knock-up nuts for the petro-chemical, water and gas industries are one of our specialities. These are manufactured from a wide range of materials.


KimberMills produce special rockers generally for low volume requirements. Applications include: Motor Sport, Heavy Trucks & Agricultural Machines.


KimberMills produce shafts for a range of applications, many being fully machined. These can be provided in sizes ranging from 10mm – 80mm dia and 50mm – 750mm in length.

Stub Axles

KimberMills provide a range of stub axles both machined and raw forged. These parts are used in many applications and can be manufactured to specific design requirements


At KimberMills we produce and supply a wide range of bolt blanks. These are available in a variety of materials, manufactured to your design and specification.

CAM Shafts

At KimberMills we produce and supply a wide range of parts for braking systems. These are normally specialist parts manufactured to our customers specifications


Pipe clamps and knock-up nuts for the petro-chemical, water and gas industries are one of our specialities. These are manufactured from a wide range of materials. Applications range from desert to arctic wastes and sub-sea.


Forging hinges gives added strength and durability. Available to suit a wide range of applications our hinges and handles are mostly sought for a wide range of the heavier applications.


Mounting brackets and bosses are produced for many diverse applications. Often produced to our customers complex and intricate designs forged brackets and mounts give extra strength and resilience where it is needed.


Mainly produced for the mining, construction and tunneling industries. A full range of tools and holders are available.


KimberMills can provide a range of Pins and Fixings designed to suit your applications. Sizes range: 10mm – 50mm dia | 40mm – 300mm length


Ring forgings can be provided to customer specifications. These are produced to traditional methods and provide strength and durability in application. Sizes: O/D 75mm – 750mm | Weight: Up to 750kgs


Selectors forks are produced for many applications; many being bespoke for our more specialist customers. Fitted to vehicles as diverse as race cars and earth movers. Sizes range from 35mm to 200mm.


Another speciality which provides our customers with a one-piece spider with forged strength. This design eliminates machining and assembling several parts.

Company Statistics


  • October 2015
  • 27
  • 1946

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Mills Forgings Limited, Charterhouse Road, Coventry, CV1 2BJ
Tel: (0044) 2476 555559